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GATS-7755 Substrate Open/Leak Automatic Inspection System

“High speed & accuracy inspection for Fine Pitch FC-CSP, Next-generation’s inspection system available for core-less substrate!” The GATS-7755 is a substrate inspection system with Double-table (shuttle style) which is suitable for batch inspection of mass-produced fine-pitch boards. The GATS-7755 tester can perform Open/Short inspection for MCM/MCP/BGA/CSP, etc.

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  • Double-table, shuttle style. Aligning the board while performing inspection simultaneously.
  • ULTRA high accuracy, comprehensive alignment accuracy within 2.5μm.
  • Standardized universal work holder, standardized work holder is installed (universal/dedicated).
  • Best for core-less substrate, Achieving testing 0.1mm board.
  • High speed inspection, employing cable-less scanner boards, data processing speed increase.
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    GATS-7755 Substrate Open/Leak Automatic Inspection System

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